Steven Petryk

I'm a software engineer living and learning in Seattle, WA.


Recent blog posts

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I'm a senior engineer with over 7 years of experience with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, with 6 years of React. Side-quests include production infrastructure, internal tooling, analytics pipelines, monitoring and observability, frontend accessibility, and writing stellar documentation. I have a B.S. in Computer Science.

Discord Nov 2021 to present

Senior Software Engineer

I work on Discord's React-based, cross-platform design system.

Aha! 2020 to 2021

Senior Software Engineer

I briefly rejoined Aha! to work on their design system, visualizations, and develop extension CLI.

Intercom 2018 to 2020

Product Engineer III

At Intercom, I began my work in foundations, on the Billing team, mainly working on Ruby on Rails. In the meantime I set up "Ask Me Anything" events so that engineers could learn from one another. When the billing team was moved to Dublin, Ireland, I was tasked with building and launching a new marketing site architecture. I also worked on analytics-related infrastructure, abuse prevention, and performance.

Sadly, the entire San Francisco development team was laid off due to COVID-19.

Aha! 2017 to 2018

Rails Engineer

Teeps 2015 to 2017

Web Team Lead, Full-Stack Engineer

At Teeps, I was a full-stack consultant, primarily working on Ruby on Rails APIs and frontend web applications. I would work with clients and mobile developers to build apps, work out product-market fit, and maintain and improve applications after launch.

AgileSRC 2013 to 2015

Web Developer

AgileSRC was my first job in college, after a few years of doing freelance Ruby on Rails work during high school. I learned a little bit about working on a team, and shipped a few interesting projects. While I was there, I pushed hard for more modern tooling to be used, and was able to prove my case with increased productivity.